Are you ready to blaze your own trail? You've come to the right place!


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Standout Podcast

This show is absolutely amazing. Can’t get enough of this show.


Really great advice and messages on marketing. Describes how to grow organically and then market to big audiences. Great interviews and detail on this podcast. If your an entrepreneur it’s a must add to your playlist! Looking forward to more!

Our podcast align

Very easy listen, talks about similar things that we do on the Balance Effect Podcast. Its all about leveling up and creating opportunities for ourselves and others. Tune in and tap in With Jordan.


This podcast is one that you don’t want to pass up! Jordan does an awesome job pulling great stories from his guests! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this show!


Wonderful host and thought provoking interviews!

Experiencing a Blazing Light that changed everything with Kimber Leigh.

Such a refreshing podcast. I love how Jordan is doing all he can to bring light love and awareness to the blue planet!

Love it!!

Great podcast

Love it!!

Super amazing podcast with the best host!! Highly highly recommended!!

Great show

I love what Jordan brings to the table! He always has great guests and ask the right questions. I always get something from listening!

Very Educational!

Jordan your doing great , keep it coming !

Great show!

Great show Jordan! Thank you

Amazing podcast with so much value!!

There is so much amazing goodness on this podcast! Jason is such a great host and I learn something from every episode.

Jordan is a trail blazer!

Jordan is a genuine human who truly cares about his listeners. He gets cool guests and it’s clear he does his research. Listen and learn how to blaze your own trail!

Every trailblazer needs a torch...

I didn’t have to know Jordan long to get a feel for his genuine care of others. This man has a heart for giving and helping others truly break through barriers and blaze their own path. Thankful for Jordan, his show, and for the knowledge he continues to share!


Truly motivated me to go out and make a change

Real talk!

Jordan brings the fire on this podcast!

Jordan Rocks!

Love listening into to Jordan’s podcast. He has great energy & bring his A game to the show!

Great host and show

Jordan is an amazing podcast host, he really goes above and beyond when it comes to preparing for his shows. He is also crushing it on LinkedIn! Way to go Jordan! Keep it up! 🙏🏼❤️😊


Jordan brings some great guests to create a sense of inspiration for his audience. I love listening to him speak.

Great Content

I love every episode of Jordan's podcast. He has a true talent. Very helpful show. Keep up the great work.

A must for every entrepreneur!

If you are an entrepreneur you are going to love this show. Jordan, an amazing entrepreneur himself, brings such an authentic energy to each episode. It’s literally impossible not grow after listening to each episode!

Love Jordan's Show!

Want to start your business and run your life your way? Jordan's show is for you!

Solid host and show!

Jordan BRINGS it…great host and and a good dude! Check it out for interesting guests and topics. - Adam #thePOZcast

Inspiring and thoughtful

This is really a great show hosted by Jordan. I've started listening to this podcast recently and enjoying every episode. I never want to miss a single  upcoming episode. Keep up the great work.

Fantastic show!

I lobe how this show is all about blazing your own trail and betting on yourself. There is so much to be learned from every episode. Great job Jordan!


Great podcast always adds a lot of value to my day! I would highly suggest listening.

This podcast is on fire!

Excellent podcast! Jordan really does an great job interviewing a wide variety of guests with amazing stories! Jordan Is truly “blazing his own trail” in the podcasting world!

Awesome Podcast!!!

Jordan, host of the Blaze Your Own Trail podcast, highlights all aspects of entrepreneurship and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!


Such a fun podcast full of a variety of incredible stories. The host Jordan does a fantastic job. Tons of value in every episode. Highly recommend!


This is an empowering podcast to listen to. I really enjoy the topics Jordan brings to light with his guests and through their conversations. Keep up the great work and I’m looking to hearing more!


This podcast blazed a trail on to my subscribed list!!!


Jordan has really interesting guests, asks great questions, and is an inspiring way to start your day!

Keep Grinding

I’m enjoying your podcasts, love the variety of cool guests and topics. Keep grinding to exceed your goals, the sky is the limit!

Great content from a range of areas

I enjoy listening to the different walks of life that people come from and their views and life stories..This podcast comes through with lots of cool content!

Keep it up

Thanks Jordan love the podcasts! Keep the content coming!

Awesome topics and host!

Jordan Mendoza is an inspiring host, he has a way of connecting with his guest and as someone listening to the podcast, I feel as if I am in the same room with them. Nice work Jordan!

Love the content in this podcast!

So many great interviews. I have to say the one with Justin Pogue was a MUST listen! Keep up the great work! 👍🏾

Encouraging and informative

A diverse bunch of guests shows off how well Jordan really leverages his network to help create a great interview series. He doesn’t shy away from going in personal after the blocks stopping us in our business. It’s a perfect role model for how to relate to others just starting their businesses and how to overcome obstacles. Thanks, and keep it up!


Great interviews!

Best Show

Amazing podcast. Amazing host.

Awesome show!

Jordan is an awesome interviewer who strikes the perfect balance between uncovering what’s most relevant for guests and most beneficial for his audience with a solid focus for entrepreneurs.

Every Person

Every Person has a story. Every story is different. Every story has different things that were easy and hard. And it's great to relate because not everyone went through the same issues and you can still carve out your own path

Great Show

There is power in hearing other people’s stories. It is what inspires us all to overcome!

Dope show!

Good content brother, keep it up!

Great if you’re wanting that push to do your own thing

This podcast is awesome and inspiring. I love the concept that we can blaze our own trail & heading from the guests about how they’ve overcome obstacles in their way to success. Give this show a listen!! Looking forward to perhaps having Jordan on the Health Coach Nation Podcast as well.

Inspiring and Different

I Love this podcast, Jordan has the ability to pull the most from his guests starting with their childhood that takes the conversation on a different direction from mostly what you hear on motivational podcasts for business owners and individuals. Jordan has the ability with the questions he crafts to help his guests connect with him and give the most to the audience.

Beautiful stories!

This show really dives deep into the life of the guest, going way back to childhood and then revealing the unique path that somebody took in order to get to where they are today. This is a no holding back, share everything kind of show, and it is awesome!


Just listened to my first episode and it kept my attention until the end. I really enjoyed how Jordan hosts and allows his guests to speak without being interrupted. Episode 7 was my first choice seeing how I am also increasing my public speaking opportunities and I learned a lot. Keep up the great work. Coach Nrgy

Great podcast

Great podcast always adds a lot of value to my day! I would highly suggest listening.

Valuable & Inspiring

awesome podcast! Really enjoyed listening to the episode on the real estate journey of Alex Vidal. Great to hear his humble beginnings and how early he got started in the real estate game. Got some good info nuggets and motivation for sure to keep working and building, especially hearing how successful he is only at age 41. Subscribed!

This podcast is 🔥🔥🔥‼️

I’m extremely picky about the podcasts I invest time in. This is one of the few I listen to!

Must listen!

In just three episodes this podcast has my attention! Each guest so far provided amazing insights and value! Great job dad.

Great Podcast!

I’ve been listening to the podcast for awhile and I have really enjoyed it; it’s very informative and you have really great guests. Keep doing what you’re doing!

110% Recommend! :)

Thank you for creating this podcast! I love it and 110% recommend it!

Very inspiring

Great content everyone can benefit from!

Powerful interview with Heather Monahan

What an inspiring interview, Jordan. I loved Heather’s balance of vulnerability and power. You know I can relate to her experience and wish I had had her 5 Steps when I met my dog. Can honestly say listening to this has given me a new boost of energy and confidence today. And I already felt pretty darn charged up. LOL Keep up the great work, can’t wait to listen to the next podcast.


Jordan's podcasts are captivating and filled with valuable raw content. Can't wait to hear the next episode!

Put this on your rotation!

I LOVE the Blaze Your Own Trail podcast. Not only does Jordan have incredible headliner guests, but he shares their stories in a unique way that inspires us as listeners to blaze our own trails. He is such a talented host, and makes every episode feel like he’s inviting you into his home and that YOU matter. Stay tuned for more powerhouse guests - this podcast just keeps getting better!!

Love it

Amazing content!

Dynamic and Riveting

Just listened to episode 7 with Joshua Schulman. What a powerhouse interview! High energy all the way, jam packed with wise insights and inspiration. Highly recommended.

Seasoned Veteran with Good Content

Jordan brings an all-star cast to his podcast with exceptional people that share their life learning to help you grow. I highly recommend giving it a listen!

Top notch

Jordan is a fantastic podcaster. He and the guests do a great job at providing listeners valuable information about career development. From my own experience, pursuing entrepreneurship isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s a mixture of hard skills with psychological and emotional rollercoasters. I thoroughly enjoy the guests speaking about both the technical and the human sides of business. It’s well balanced, informational, entertaining, and inspiring.

Great Episode

Hey man! I really loved that episode with Brian Schulman! He was such an inspiring person and I really loved how genuine and authentic he sounded. He really spoke to me because I’ve been in those moments where I just want a break but then I remember I wasn’t placed here cause I can’t handle it. Great job man!

Totally Inspiring!!

After listening to both episodes I am beyond inspired after hearing the journey of these trailblazers! And Jordan, you are definitely blazing a trail! I hear your passion come through crystal clear as you interviewed both Heather Monahan and Brian Schumann! And the value you brought in these two episodes is immense; I will be listening again!! Jordan you re a true servant leader, leading from the heart!


Jordan is a true trailblazer and now he is showcasing other amazing people like him on this absolutely fantastic podcast!