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S:2 Episode 5: Creating Lena Rose With Charlotte Silverstein

S:2 Episode 5: Creating Lena Rose With Charlotte Silverstein

Prior to her career in public relations, Charlotte started her professional experience with Nordstrom, touching everything from HR, to sales, to floor design and publicity — connecting continually with the people around her. After working at agencies, Charlotte found herself missing that authentic collaboration and connection to the outside world. She knew that PR can be a really daunting investment, and that messaging can be confusing and overwhelming, leaving people to wonder what exactly it is or why they really need it. She wanted to clear that up and decided to create a space where people felt at home.

Real public relations for real people. At Lena Rose, there are no gimmicks or empty promises of a magazine cover or television appearance. Charlotte prides herself on her honesty and her prospective and current clients praise her for it, allowing them to focus on their day-to-day and bigger picture growth while Charlotte earnestly guides them and shares their stories with the people who need it most.

In this episode Charlotte & I discuss:

  • Her upbringing in California
  • Her family background
  • What she invested her time in as a kid
  • Some previous roles she held
  • Why she started Lena Rose
  • How she came up with the name
  • And more!

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