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S2:E17- Awakening the Greatness Within with Clifford Starks

S2:E17- Awakening the Greatness Within with Clifford Starks

About Clifford:

I graduated in Kinesiology in 2005 and became a personal trainer. I also became a professional fighter in 2009-2017. It has always been more than just transforming the body though, the mind and spirit play key factors to ones success. Which I definitely learned through my journey as a fighter and a coach. I have been honored to be given the opportunity to work with many clients on their mind, body, and spirit. Helping other’s live happier more fulfilled lives. I realized just how important the mind was in the process of accomplishing any real success. I became extremely fascinated with psychology also had my personal life experience to pull from as well. I am always learning and growing. I love the saying if knowledge was all it took everyone would have 6 packs and be Millionaires. Knowledge is good to have, but applied knowledge is better, so I continue to take action. To grow as a person and a leader is the same as health, you never stop.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Clifford's upbringing
  • Why he wanted to start his physical fitness journey
  • What sports he played
  • Where he went to school
  • His journey to the UFC
  • What he's up to now

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