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S2:E23- Insights to Live By with Matt Zinman

S2:E23- Insights to Live By with Matt Zinman

Matt Zinman is a difference-maker devoted to personally enrich the lives of at least 100 million people by 2025. His new book, “Z-isms: Insights to Live By” is based on his experiences as an entrepreneur, athlete, single parent, caregiver and nonprofit founder. He is also the host of "Insights to Live By," a podcast that invites guests to share their own pearls of wisdom. In addition, Matt is CEO of The Internship Institute, which he established in 2007 to "Make Experience Matter."

In this Episode we discuss:

  • Matt's upbringing
  • What sport he played
  • Where he went to school
  • His early career
  • His entrepreneurial journey
  • A little about his book
  • And more!

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