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S3:E29- From Acting to Real Estate with Kelly Johnston

S3:E29- From Acting to Real Estate with Kelly Johnston

About Kelly:

Kelly Johnston is the Founder of the 4X Formula Podcast and the Quick Commission Accelerator and the Author of the newest Real Estate Training Book called ATTRACT which is now on Amazon.

He has been practicing Real Estate sales since 1997 and have come to believe that our business is ever changing. The old ways don’t work anymore.

His goal is to create an army of 4X Agents doing Real Estate the right way affecting our communities in a positive way and make a lot of money. It took a long time to figure it out and now have figured out how to simplify the Real Estate business...check out his podcast on iTunes, or Stitcher or Google Play to enjoy some free training...otherwise go to our website at to learn more!!

In this episode we discuss:

  • Kelly's upbringing
  • What sports he played
  • Always being the short kid
  • Moving out at 18 
  • And much more!

Thanks for listening!

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