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S3:E4- Becoming a Master of Emotional Relevance with Alon Zaibert

S3:E4- Becoming a Master of Emotional Relevance with Alon Zaibert

About Alon:

You know how sometimes you meet someone and after a few seconds you just FEEL there is something there? You can tell there is a connection, an energy of sorts?
Well, this is how I am all the time. I feel the room, I read people, I sense the energy and act upon it. Along the years many people have asked me, hey Alon, how do you THAT? For me, THAT was natural but for others not so much. So I spent a couple of years analyzing THAT, breaking it down, learning about it, from a psychology standpoint, from a scientific angle, and figured it out.

I call it - Emotional Relevance. And now I teach and coach executives, sales teams, customer relationship managers how to use Emotional Relevance when building relationships with their new and existing customers in order to increase their closing rates, grow customer retention level and boost loyalty.

I truly believe it is time we inject more humanity into the corporate "dance" we've been taught all these years and challenge ourselves to do what we NEED as humans - be vulnerable, share feelings, be personal. Underneath that corporate attire we all are social creatures who crave the hug, the sense of belonging, the connection so why not?

I have worked with small start-up companies and huge multi-billion dollars conglomerates. Every team I was part of or managed, our difference has always been that emotional, personal touch. Not everyone gets it but they sure FEEL it.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Alon's upbringing
  • His love for sports
  • What he did after High School
  • A tragedy that took place
  • What moved him from Israel to the USA
  • What he does today
  • And more!

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