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S2:E11: Feeling Good, Feeling Great With Ronnie Eriic

Deriving from a church-driven family, Ronnie Eriic grew up singing in the choir and learning to play the drums. Originally born in Plainfield, New Jersey but grew up in Scotch Plains, New Jersey. Ronnie Eriic’s love for music sparked a passion in him to further his career while attending Florida A&M University (FAMU). This is where he and three other students formed the popular Tallahassee rap group LOTD (Leaders Of The Dreamers). From there, Ronnie began working on perfecting his craft. Performing at various open mic nights became his thing, which eventually allowed him to perform for larger audiences like his alma mater Florida State University (FSU). After gaining a few more supporters, Ronnie was invited to open for artists like Currency and Pac Div.
In 2014, he decided to move to Atlanta to further pursue his musical career. While juggling multiple jobs like Uber, Ronnie continues to chase his dreams. Ronnie started performing at different events and at local spots like The Music Room and East Atlanta Village. Touching these different stages would allow him to get his name out on the Atlanta music circuit.
In 2018, Ronnie Eriic started to really hone in on his craft, he invested in himself by purchasing his first set of studio equipment where he started to learn how to record his own music. Ronnie enjoyed freestyling in his car, showcasing his rap flow, this allowed him to start to build a solid fan base. He also released his first album R.E.A.L (Recognize Everything Ain’t Limited) which he recorded in his home studio.
In 2019, after his first studio debut album Ronnie released three singles “She Knows”, “Summer Vibes”, and his latest hit single “100 Grand” which is currently featured on NBA game highlights and a AT&T advertisement.
Moving forward to 2020, Ronnie’s highly anticipated new album “REBIRTH” which he feels has raised the bar with infused R&B and Hip-Hop tracks everyone can relate to, learn something from and truly love every lyric and melody put on the project.
The timeless nature of his music gives listeners something to feel. Ronnie Eriic’s vivid lyricism helps illuminate both his heart and soul to his growing fan base.
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