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S2:E19- Venture Mentality with Jacob O'Conner

Jacob is the CEO of Venture Mentality which started as a podcast in September of 2019. After spending 8 months interviewing some of the most successful people in the world, Jacob decided to turn VM into an official business, Venture Mentality LLC.
While the podcast still continues, the VM clothing line has become the new focus. Both facets, podcast and apparel, serve the purpose of spreading the VM mindset. Venture Mentality is more than a brand, it's a lifestyle.
The purpose of Venture Mentality is to create a like-minded community for those looking to improve their lives and seek to live life to the fullest. They understand that challenge and adversity come with the territory of improvement and adventure, but growth is the only acceptable outcome.
Venture Mentality is for those willing to chase their goals and pursue their bucket-lists; it's for those that Dare to Dream.
In this episode we discuss:

Jacob's childhood
His passion for basketball
Why he started his podcast
His first job
What his plans are for the future

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